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Vacuum Frying Machine: A Key Technology for Bolivia’s Food Industry “


Oct 17, 2023

With the increasing demand for healthier snack options, vacuum frying machines have emerged as a crucial technology in the food industry. This article explores the role of Kaida Hengye, a leading manufacturer of vacuum frying machines, in revolutionizing Bolivia’s snack production sector.

Kaida Hengye and Vacuum Frying Machine Innovation

Kaida Hengye has established itself as a global leader in the manufacturing of vacuum frying machines. Equipped with world-class production lines from the Netherlands and the United States, they process approximately 670,000 tons of potatoes annually. Moreover, their facilities can vacuum frying machine 500,000 tons of intelligent storage warehouses.

The company holds various qualification certificates such as PepsiCo AIB certification, Jewish food Kosher certification, British Retail Association food safety BRC certification, Halal certification, HACCP certification, ISO9001 quality system certificate,
ISO14001 environmental system certificate,and ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certificate.

One notable scientific research achievement by Kaida Hengye is their technological innovation in core industry processes. They have developed an original cutting technology that allows fresh fruits and vegetables to be directly cut into strips and slices without compromising their nutritional value.

The Significance of Vacuum Frying Machines

Vacuum frying machines play a pivotal role in enhancing Bolivia’s snack production capabilities. By utilizing this advanced technology offered by Kaida Hengye,
Bolivian manufacturers can produce snacks with reduced oil content while preserving essential nutrients present in raw materials.
This not only caters to consumer demands for healthier alternatives but also contributes to sustainable development goals by reducing waste generation during processing.

Promising Future Prospects

Bolivia’s food industry has witnessed a significant transformation with the introduction of vacuum frying machines. The adoption of this technology has not only improved snack production efficiency but also opened up new avenues for product diversification and export opportunities.


The integration of vacuum frying machines, particularly those manufactured by Kaida Hengye, has revolutionized Bolivia’s snack production sector. With their cutting-edge technology and commitment to innovation, Kaida Hengye continues to drive advancements in the food industry, enabling healthier and more sustainable snack options for consumers worldwide.

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