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What’s Wastewater Treatment?


Mar 9, 2024

A.T.E. provides the patented AAA™ technology for managing effluents from the textile industry. That technology really helps to improve the wastewater therapy effectiveness of a by decreasing color and minimising sludge generation.

The sophisticated engineering applied to develop AAA™ by A.T.E. lets you lower sludge technology and chemical consumption by 70% as compared to the mainstream textile wastewater treatment.

AVR™-AF technology from A.T.E. is ideal for the efficient biological wastewater therapy of effluent from the meals and milk industry. That technology is the perfect mix of anaerobic and anaerobic process that helps to successfully weaken the hard meats, fat and delicious oils within wastewater from the food and milk industry.

This technology is suited to effortlessly mixing the wastewater using modern jet-mixing technique rather than traditional technical appliances that maybe not offer exactly the same level of efficiency. The jet-mixing technique allows the entire and uniform pairing of effluents inside the reactor.https://www.waterandwastewater.com/

AHR technology from A.T.E. is the ideal for commercial wastewater treatment of effluent from the compound and petrochemical industries. That technology works by combining the efficient areas of two separate anaerobic treatment techniques to supply maximum strong maintenance and enhancing the water quality.

The unique AHR engineering helps by successfully degrading complicated normal pollutants within the chemical and petrochemical market effluents. The bigger measured reactor features a wider simple place for better shades retention.With advanced commercial wastewater therapy technologies such as for example these from A.T.E., little and large industrial models have now been in a position to minimize the hazardous aftereffects of professional wastewater.

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